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An Adorable Baby Deer And Walter The Cat Play Together In This Viral TikTok

Seem like we needed another reason to spend hours scrolling through TikTok watching adorable animals, this viral animal duo appears to have hopped right out of a Disney movie and onto our feeds to provide us with the perfect addition to our cute critter content intake—and it appears that tons of TikTok users are just as obsessed as we are.

Your new animal BFFs are Walter, a fluffy black cat, and Lewis, a beautiful newborn deer who stumbled onto the scene and was thus called. On May 10, user Taylorhoff08 submitted this lovely film to TikTok, which shows the two friends playing together in front of beautiful forested surroundings on a bright spring day.

As the curious new buddies examine each other, Walter and his deer friend Lewis can be seen nuzzling up close and giving each other delicate sniffs. At the end of the video, the beautiful cat and adorable deer momentarily brush noses while a bird gently chirps in the background, which is enough to make animal lovers everywhere melt.


new Disney movie: the cat and the deer. #lewisthedeer #walterthecat #fyp

♬ original sound – Taylor Hoff

Since it was initially released on TikTok, the video has received 1.2 million views and over 218,000 likes, and a slew of adoring TikTok fans have rushed to the comments to express their adoration for the adorable pals.

“So lovely, they seem extremely fawn of each other,” one commenter joked. “Oh to be a fluffy cat strolling through a meadow snuggling with a newborn deer,” one person said. We agree—it seems like a dream come true!

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Many viewers were perplexed as to why Walter and Lewis looked to be the same size in the video, despite the fact that most people believe a deer is considerably larger than a cat. Fortunately, Hoff explained their physical resemblance by remarking, “The deer is a tiny animal. Walter is about the size of a domestic cat.”

Though we’re still waiting to see if Walter and Lewis will appear together on TikTok again (we’re crossing our fingers! ), one thing is for sure: this odd animal relationship gives Bambi and Thumper a run for their money!