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When A Man Hears That Leashed Pets Are Allowed In The Store, He Brings His Horse Along With Him

Having pets allowed at a company is rare, but one Tractor Supply shop in Oklahoma has gone above and beyond to make it a reality.

Robin Morris while shopping at the chain’s Elk City branch on Monday when a man wearing a hat, chaps, and boots strolled into the store. Morris was taken aback by the man’s clothing, but not by his desire to dress in a certain way.

I’m a senior, and I’m at Tractor Supply to purchase feed for my elderly horse. Please let him into the house.” Morris stated on Facebook a few days later.

Outside the store, the man’s horse was waiting for him with a calm expression on its face. A horse in a bridle is allowed at Tractor Supply as long as it’s leashed, so it’s no problem.

In the comfortable air-conditioned store, the manager greeted them and the man was plainly happy to have his friend with him.


Some of Morris’ pictures of the beautiful couple were taken while browsing the aisles. The horse appeared to be at ease, as if he’d been to the store hundreds of times before.


Morris, who subsequently shared the images on Facebook, found the sight amusing and moving. In this case, it didn’t take long for the guy and his horse to become internet sensations.

Some children were able to pet the horse as they were paying at the counter, thanks to the kind man. With lunch in hand, the two buddies hit the road once more.

A repeat journey to the store is quite likely after such an exciting experience.