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Dog Is Finally Having A Loving Family, The Shelter Staff Did The Most Emotional Thing For Him

This is Big Mac, an adorable dog that used to live at McKamey Animal Center in Tennessee. But he used to get very nervous around people.

So he had a very long road until he found his new family.

“We’re not really sure what his living environment was like prior to coming to us, but it was very apparent that he didn’t trust everyone right away,” Lauren Mann, advancement manager at the shelter, told The Dodo. “He did warm up with treats and when he was out of the kennel and in the play yard.”

His owner abandoned him because ‘he didn’t have so much time for the dog’. But after 260 days, something really great finally happened. He is having a loving family.

One of the shelter volunteers really felt in love with Mac and took care of him since the beginning.

When Big Mac left the shelter for the last time, the shelter staff did something really cool. They gathered together at the entrance to give dog a standing ovation.

Now, Big Mac is happy again and has a new family. Lucky Big Mac!