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Duckling Rescued As A Baby Keeps Returning To The Arms Of The Man Who Saved Him

A newborn duckling was rescued from a swimming pool at an apartment building in Nahant, Massachusetts, where he was fighting for his life.

If it hadn’t been for Steven Thibeault, who works as a manager at the residential complex and observed the small duckling trying to survive, his life would have been in jeopardy.

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The man walked over without hesitation to save the young duckling, but he was unable to reconnect him with his mother.

Steven saw that the duckling would not be able to live without his mother’s support, so he resolved to assist him until he was old enough to return to his native home.

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He had no idea that the duck would become his greatest buddy and that, as an adult, he would choose to spend time with it over others of his kind. The father gave the duckling the name Cheerio and adopted him into his household.

The handsome duck has recognized him as his father from the day he was rescued, and although engaging in various pastimes with his bird buddies, he always returns to the guy who saved his life.

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Cheerio grew up under Steven’s care and lived in his home as a part of his family, but he also lives a totally free life like other animals of his kind, flying, swimming in the ocean, and walking with his pals, but he always returns home.

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Steven had this to say about it:

“He basically follows my routine, so we go to work, he spends the most of the day outside, and then we go home.” He has a social life and spends a lot of time with other ducks, which I like, but he picks me in the end. That might change at some time, but it’s up to him.”

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Steven had always planned on caring after the duckling until it was ready to be released into the wild, but Cheerio has grown up and has shown no desire in abandoning him thus far.

They go to work together every day, and while Steven is at work, the lovely Cheerio walks out to share with others of his species.

CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/cheeriotheduck

Steven is concerned that the duck feels entirely free and at ease, but the duck never wanders too far and returns to his adoring father.

Everyone in the apartment complex likes seeing Cheerio and Steven’s complicity and compassion, and it has grown into a local celebrity over time.

CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/cheeriotheduck

This lovely duck understands how to switch between being a pampered house bird and a wild duck with the ability to interact in his natural surroundings.

“She gets along well with other ducks, particularly males.” When it comes to the ladies, he’s a little shy, but I’m hoping that improves. It also hangs out with other ducks and geese who spend their winters in Nahant, such as mallards and geese. “He also befriends birds,” Steven said.


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