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This Adorable 9-Week-Old Puppy Wasn’t Allowed To A Puppy Party Because Of Her Breed And People Are Not Happy

Pit bulls often suffer from prejudice against them. Many people believe that this particular dog breed is much more prone to aggression than other dogs, however, pit bull owners disagree. Many of them claim, that if the dog is treated and raised right, there is no reason to fear them. Nevertheless, the pit bull stigma is so strong that some pet stores even forbid these dogs from participating in their events.

Ashley Yanez and her tiny 9-week-old pit bull Blu weren’t allowed to participate in an event held at Petsmart, the sole reason being the breed of her puppy. Ashley wanted to give Blu an opportunity to socialize and play with other dogs, but she never anticipated facing such discrimination. According to Petsmart’s policy, they do not allow “bully breeds or any mix of, or any pets that exhibit aggressive behaviors” to participate in any off-leash, group play activities within their Doggie Day Camps, to ensure the safety of their associates and other pets.

The whole situation left Ashley really heartbroken. “I’m so shocked but so happy that pit bull awareness is being brought to our attention. Pit bulls are dogs too and need to socialize to have a healthy lifestyle,” she told BuzzFeed.

Petsmart reached out to apologize for the confusion and clarified that pit bulls are welcome to the stores, although they are banned from group activities with other pets. Many people came to Blu’s defense, saying the policy is unfair. Tell us what you think about this situation in the comments.