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This Human Made His Dogs A Tiny Backpack So They Could Carry Their Recently Born Puppies Around

Meet a Vietnamese man named Tran and his two cute dogs – Tony and Tiny. Two months ago, these miniature poodles, who are real lovebirds, welcomed a litter of puppies. All of them got adopted by Tran’s relatives, except for one – a furry doggie named Teddy.

Yup, this cute puppy stills lives with his parents, and there’s a lot of love in their family. The only thing, Tran likes to take his adorable dogs about everywhere he goes, so this posed a problem of how to transport the little one.

Luckily, the Vietnamese man came up with a brilliant idea. Tran grabbed his old denim jacket, grabbed a pair of scissors, and made a Teddy-size version of a dog backpack to be used by the parents. Yes, it did take some time to perfect it, but it was worth it – now Teddy enjoys being carried around and doesn’t need to miss out on any adventures. Sometimes the little one even gets a bit too comfortable and falls asleep.

The dogs’ owner couldn’t be more proud. “I love my cute animals,” he told The Dodo. “They are my family.”