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Wild Fox And Little Cat Are Best Friends, They Meet Each Other Every Day through Window

Jennifer Rutter had a visitor one day. She saw a little fox visiting her garden.

“I see that fox nearly every day, and she’s a favorite on our street,” Rutter told The Dodo. “The kids watch out for her from their bedroom windows.”

Woman has said that foxy looks so gentle and cute though.

“She steps off the pavement to let people pass, and, apart from the debris she leaves in my garden, she’s very welcome!”

But one day foxy decided to make a new friend- Rutter’s kitten named Dodo.

“Dodo was on my knee, and I pointed the fox out to her,” Rutter said. “She jumped up to the window and caught the fox’s attention, and then I started to film. I’ve never seen them interact before, and it was so moving to see them mirroring each other.”

Now they are besties.

Jennifer and her cat wait everyday for little fox to visit them.