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A Man Finds His Chicken Lovingly ‘Brooding’ Three Orphaned Kittens

Love has a force far greater than any biological barrier, and when it combines with a strong mother instinct, no human power can overcome it. A Kurdish farmer has learned such a lesson after being both surprised and affected by the strange behavior of one of his hens.

Goran A Surchi, who lives in Kurdo, an Iranian hamlet in Kurdistan, West Asia, is used to his animals surprising him with mischief, but this is the first time one of his hens has startled him in such a bizarre way.

When Goran was watching the barn one morning, he observed one of his birds was brooding and approached, believing it was some eggs. The rooster, on the other hand, had three youngsters beneath his wings that he had decided to adopt.

The farmer was taken aback by such a strange spectacle and was disheartened; he couldn’t understand why the bird felt so sorry for those small critters who might easily blind him with a single scratch. His geese, on the other hand, was guarding the kittens.

Goran has no idea how the cats ended there at the farmer’s house, let alone in the chicken coop, but the fact is that they were without a mother and found one in the fowl.

“I’ve been hearing meowing from our chicken coop for a while and was wondering as to what was going on since our chickens could be in danger.” When I realized the meows were coming from beneath the chicken, I decided to videotape it so I wouldn’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and to my delight, there were three adorable kittens there “said the man.

“We arrived later to hunt for the kittens’ lifeless mother. She perished in a lake near the farm, unfortunately. Our hen appeared to understand the situation and resolved to look for the kittens.”

Goran appears to be not the only one who is taken aback by this strange family, but it doesn’t seem to bother the hen, who continues to look after the kittens to this day.

This is an issue that defies basic reasoning, yet there are many things about love that remain unexplained. As in this scenario, the hen does not feel threatened by the presence of the felines, but rather sees in them a need for affection and care that she is willing to provide.