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Puppy Looks Shocked From A Corner At The Delivery, Until The Little Donkey That Steals His Heart Is Born

Colton, a lovely dog, and Willow, a delightful donkey who reside at the Little Buckets Farm Sanctuary, exhibit the exceptional relationship between animals.

This furry companion was silently observing from the corner as Olive gave birth to Willow, absolutely enthralled by what he saw. Colton was instantly smitten by his new little sister.

Colton couldn’t suppress his joy and kissed Willow on the cheek.

Despite Olive’s maternal instincts to shield her infant from the puppy, she eventually let Colton approach her.

With time, the young puppy grew more autonomous and away from his mother, as well as more intrigued about his canine companion.

Willow seems to have found an animal brother in Colton, albeit an older one. They were usually in close proximity, and she appeared to enjoy Colton’s wagging tail.

Of course, Colton couldn’t leave Willow alone, since the two are a wonderful match in the Little Buckets Farm Sanctuary, where they live in harmony.

Colton is a very unusual dog; he appears to be able to sense when the farm’s other animals want his companionship, and he is always happy to assist everyone.

Colton has a mystical instinct, according to Susan Klingenberg, Colton’s mother and owner of the Little Buckets Fram Sanctuary, and can feel when someone is in need of comfort and affection.