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Woman Shows Up To Clean An Abandoned House And Finds A Dog In The Attic

A woman went to clean an abandoned house, and as she proceeded to organize and clean the attic, she discovered a wonderful surprise: a dog that had been locked there for several days.

The woman was cleaning a residence in Carbon County, Pennsylvania, and she didn’t know what to do when she discovered the dog confined in the attic. So she contacted her sister-in-law, Jami Lassell, who said she would be there in a few minutes to assist the dog.

“I told her I’d be there in ten minutes, and she said, ‘I’m just telling you, she’s absolutely skin and bones.'” I’m not sure when she last gave him stuff.

Facebook/ Remi’s journey/Jami Lassell

When Jami eventually arrived home and saw the dog, he was taken aback by her warm and friendly greeting.

The woman continued,

“She is the most loving dog I’ve ever met.” Her tail started bouncing as soon as she saw me; all she needed was love».

Jami’s original intention was to foster Remi until she was well, then find her a loving home where she could live the life she deserved. But the plans altered the instant Remi stepped foot in Jami’s house, as he stole everyone’s heart.

Facebook/ Remi’s journey/Jami Lassell

Jamie remarked:

“I couldn’t give her up when she came home with me.”

Remi was given a couple of medicated baths to get rid of the fleas, as well as some tasty food, before being sent to the vet.

Facebook/ Remi’s journey/Jami Lassell

Remi had a wounded paw and would most likely require surgery to completely heal.

Despite her ordeals, the small dog remained a loving creature who lavished affection on everyone she encountered.

Jamie stated,

“His tail wags and his ears perk up whenever he meets someone.”

Facebook/ Remi’s journey/Jami Lassell

Remi is very patient, especially with Jami’s four small children, whom he considers to be his adopted brothers. Even Jami claims that the dog is better with kids than other animals because she allows them to do anything they want.

Jamie continued, ”

“We have four kids, and she lets them drag her around and pet her.” She behaves like a child and will just allow them to do so ».

Facebook/ Remi’s journey/Jami Lassell

Remi connected with his 9-month-old sibling after only a few weeks in his new home. They get along swimmingly, have become best friends, and are inseparable; they want to do everything together, and they even sleep next to Jami.

Facebook/ Remi’s journey/Jami Lassell

Without a doubt, Remi has transformed into a happy and healthy puppy, as she should have been from the start, because to Jami’s excellent heart.

Facebook/ Remi’s journey/Jami Lassell