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Pregnant Cow Kneels In Slaughterhouse Begging To Be Let Live

Without a doubt, all living species, including those that have long been regarded food for humans, have a right to life. Without excluding any species, there are numerous examples that demonstrate, particularly to nonbelievers, that animals have feelings and deserve to survive.

The story of a pregnant cow that knelt to plead for her life moments before being sacrificed is an illustration of this.

The tragic incident occurred in a slaughterhouse in the southern Chinese city of Tongyu, where the employees were impressed by how the animal begged for its life.


Although it is unknown if the employees were aware that the animal was pregnant, it is clear that it would be butchered and then sold for meat. The cow was able to persuade the folks not to put her down after begging, straining, and refusing to walk.

When the animal was escorted to its destination, although being bound, it was unwilling to travel and knelt down, as shown in a video. The animal’s despair and cries were so powerful that she even shed tears while being carried, which touched all of the onlookers.


The cow was clearly begging for her life and the lives of her young, according to multiple witnesses who observed the incident.

After one of the workers recorded the incident and shared it on the Chinese social media platform Weibo, the episode became viral. Since its release, the video has been viewed by millions of people, and a hashtag dedicated to the cow has received thousands of responses.


The painful moment in which the animal sobs and kneels has elicited reactions from everyone who has viewed the film.

The video lasts just over a minute, and you can see how the employees battle to get the animal to the slaughterhouse, but it fights them. After wrestling with the animal for several hours and failing to achieve their goal, the slaughterhouse personnel decided to spare his life.

This decision was also influenced by the intervention of other persons who watched the occurrence and regrettably observed the creature’s cries for help.


Lin Wangbo, a local resident who helped with the rescue, told local media about the operation:

“The cow began to squat down as they drove her to the slaughterhouse.” When they attempted to take her inside, she knelt down and sobbed.

Because the video went viral so fast, some animal enthusiasts decided to take matters into their own hands and assist with the rescue.


Although the cow would not be slaughtered, it would not be able to remain in its current location, thus the only option was to purchase it from its owner. Knowing this, the animal rights activists decided to fundraise in order to purchase the animal and change their way of life.

Lin stated,

“We needed to gather enough money to buy the cow and release it,” said the group.


Fortunately, a large number of individuals decided to band together, and in a short period of time, they were able to raise enough money to purchase and preserve the pregnant cow. She was escorted to the Huilai Jinshi Buddhist temple, where they discovered she was expecting a child.

The remaining funds from the campaign were given to the temple so that they could meet all of the cow’s requirements.