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The World’s Longest-Living Panda Bear With The Most Offspring Has Passed Away At The Age Of 38

The whole south and east of China was previously inhabited by panda bears, the national animal of that nation. However, the towns’ expansion reduced them to a small number of hilly regions with some remaining bamboo woods.

Unfortunately, despite being adorable and cuddly, giant pandas are still on the endangered species list, especially since the early 1980s.

Xin Xing was the oldest panda bear in the world and a model matron. After learning the devastating news of her passing at the age of 38, which is comparable to 130 years in human years, the world today wore a look of grief.

He was abruptly taken into captivity after being born in his native environment in 1982, where he spent the most of his life. Because of her significant role to the species’ conservation, she was lovingly referred to as “heroine mother.”

Unfortunately, these species have long been in risk of going extinct because of the degradation of their habitat, poor birth rates, and high cub death rates. This is why the labor and effort of individuals like Xin Xing is so crucial. Today, the entire globe laments his passing.

While still quite young, she gave birth to 36 puppies, becoming a grandmother. She is one of the moms who has produced the most children, which explains why her efforts to protect the species have received such recognition and appreciation. Nothing compared to protecting her right to her freedom in her environment, despite their best efforts to provide for her where she resided.

According to information from the Chongqing Zoo, it left us from this plane owing to an organ failure involving many organs.