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They Denounce The Death Of Hummingbirds After The Disinfection In The Streets Ordered By The Government

The war against the Covid-19 epidemic, the most cunning, shocking, and devastating unseen opponent we have had to confront as a species in recent times, has united most nations since December 2019.

Numerous regulations have been put in place to combat the coronavirus. However, there are situations when the illness is worse than the treatment. In fact, spreading disinfectant on the streets to rid them of the viral load has been one of the key tactics.

For various species of birds and hummingbirds, whose corpses have been discovered dead after one of these disinfection trucks passed through the streets of Bogotá, Colombia, it appears that the substance used includes hazardous compounds in its composition.

Currently, the animals are at significant risk from this action, which in this situation has no negative effects on human health.

“A vehicle from the mayor’s office (of Bogotá) cleaned our street today. Numerous bird species have returned with the quarantine and are nesting in our gardens where I live, where there is a wide range of trees. Sadly, we subsequently discovered a number of deceased birds,” said Edna M. Pinzón Rodriguez.

Since the poisoning is likely to have affected other less visible species like insects and amphibians, the unfortunate story drew the attention of the authorities and spread like wildfire via all social networks. The organization in charge of conducting the case inquiry has been the District Secretary of the Environment.

The complaint stressed, “We urge on the authorities to devote their attention to this reality, to concern and take care of all living beings.”

The locals did this by preserving a butterfly and one of the dead hummingbirds. Both will go through testing that might confirm the claim and identify the poison that is killing people.

“We will continue to investigate the matter, with the aim that the findings will enable remedial measures, and if this is indeed connected to the nebulizations, it will even be examined to suspend them,” said Edna M. Pinzón.

The World Health Organization’s (WHO) guidelines for the use of banned drugs have been disregarded in this case, which is the biggest worry.

Additionally, despite its undeniable negative impacts on the environment, chemical spraying to sanitize streets and public areas has not yet demonstrated its efficacy in the fight against Covid-19.