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An Old Hairless Dog Stops A Car On A Country Road To Ask For Help

On Memorial Day last year, Danielle Finley and her boyfriend were traveling down a rural Pennsylvania road in their automobile when they spotted a little animal racing in their direction. They mistook it for a raccoon or another animal, but it was actually an elderly, hairless dog asking for assistance.

Danielle stated to The Dodo:

“We were just driving because we believed it would roll out of the road in an instant. We stopped when he came rushing and had a look at the automobile, but he didn’t manage to get away.”

Danielle and her partner were then able to get a close look at the animal, which they later discovered to be an old, hairless cairn terrier.

Danielle remarked:

“We got out of the car and investigated it since we also had two of our other dogs—two Boston terriers. We were given some dog food and water because of his generosity.”

The food and water were swiftly consumed by the dog, who Danielle’s boyfriend called Phil. Then, Danielle saw that greater assistance for him was required. He was undoubtedly lost even if he belonged to someone. He couldn’t just stand there on the street if he belonged to no one.

So they took Phil home after picking him up.

They initially believed Phil had scabies. They were unable to take Phil to a vet straight away since it was Memorial Day. However, they did the next day and were shocked to discover that he was scabies-free.

“It was simply an extremely severe skin problem brought on by living on the streets. He just lost all of his hair, and although it was uncomfortable and odorous, it wasn’t scabies.

Even though no one is sure where Phil originated from, the veterinarian thinks it had a previous owner.