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Pizza Delivery Man Stopped Mid-Delivery To Help A Stray Dog

Without giving a thought to the possibility of losing his job, Steven Donovan shown a large heart by assisting a lost puppy. As is customary for him, Donovan was delivering pizza when he came upon a tiny puppy walking the street alone. He was unable to ignore the incident.

The dog’s identifying plate revealed that his name was Mr. Snickers and that he resided a few miles away from where he was found. Donovan decided to take the dog home, but not before taking him along with him to serve pizza.

Donovan said:

“The dog was very relaxed. He didn’t try to eat the pizza at all.”

Donovan, the hero pizza delivery man, and Mr. Snickers arrived at the delivery location, and the dog waited in the car while Donovan completed his task. He told the customer what had occurred to explain the delay, and fortunately, he handled it excellently. She even thought it was a very sweet gesture.

“Sorry your pizza was late, I had to rescue a puppy first,” I apologized to them.

After that, regardless of how much trouble he would get into with his boss, Donovan drove Mr. Snickers to the location listed on the nameplate.

He stated:

“I don’t mind losing my job over this. In other words, it concerns a dog that is wandering the street. I needed to assist him.”

The moment the pair set foot in the area where Mr. Snickers purportedly resided, he went berserk with joy.

Donovan declared:

“When he recognized that this was his neighborhood, he perked up and started to become enthusiastic.”

Due to the fact that Mr. Snickers’ family had just relocated and that address was still listed on his dog tag, the dog’s former neighbors decided to take him in and return him to his family. Mr. Snickers most likely got lost while attempting to return to his previous residence.