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Male Cat Was Found Caring For Abandoned Kittens As If It Were Its Mother

Rescue teams from the Homeless Animal Adoption League (HAAL) were utterly taken aback but also thrilled to find a male cat caring for abandoned kittens when they arrived in Bloomfield, New Jersey. By guarding that abandoned litter, the animal demonstrated that she was a good mother.

A lady going home from work reportedly noticed a laundry basket full of kittens abandoned on the sidewalk, according to a HAAL post on its Facebook page. Since the good Samaritan was at a loss for what to do, he informed the shelter that they appeared to have just been abandoned.

He claimed that the mother was with the litter and that picking them up would be unsafe. He had begun to rain as the temperature dropped.

Joann LoGreco from HAAL stated to The Dodo:

“We received a complaint about kittens abandoned in a laundry basket placed on a roadway in East Orange. Although it was starting to rain and the area was close to our shelter, we decided to go take a look even though we don’t usually do street rescues.

So HAAL went in search of the kittens. The six kittens were all huddled together with their “mother” when they arrived in order to keep them warm and secure.

They fed the kittens, checked on their health, and were happy to see that they were all in fine condition.

The litter and its “mother” were then brought to the shelter that evening. However, his rescuers were in for a surprise the following day.

HAAL shared the following on Facebook:

“We visited the adorable family the next day as we had extra time. They offered us a small surprise as we were looking at the mother. Mom was absolutely not a mother. A he, she was. Male was the sweet cat who looked after those tiny kittens. She served as their protector and substitute mother, even though he may have been the father or big brother to another litter. He gently plays with each one while cleaning them.